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If you cannot login, please check whether you have the following situation or not.

  • Account registration is not completed.
Your account registration may not be completed. Open the email “HCM portal site temporary registration notification” that was sent to the ID (Email Address) that you entered when creating the account and complete the registration
If the registration period in the above email has expired, Create account (free) .
If you cannot find the email or the email was not delivered, check the email address that you used for the ID carefully, and Create account (free) .

  • The ID or password is incorrect
The ID used for login is an email address. If you cannot login, Please try your aother email addresses. Furthermore, the “HCM portal site account registration notification” email sent when you created your account contains your ID (Email Address). Please check this, too.
Please enter your login ID and password using half-width characters. As the characters entered are differentiated as uppercase/lowercase and full-width/half-width, they must be entered accurately. Also please check if you have entered a space or line break.

  • Forgotten password
If you have forgotten your password, please click
Forgotten password to reissue a new passowrd.

  • Forgotten ID (Email Address)
If you have forgotten your ID (Email Address), please contact the HCM Portal Site (Solution Linkage Cloud) Support Desk via email.

Email address


ID (Email Address) inquiries


Please include the items below in your email.

(1) Company name

(2) Name (first and last)

(3) Phone number

(4) Inquiry details

Points to Note

The support desk will check your ID (Email Address) and will send a password reset email to the email address registered to Solution Linkage Cloud.